Web Design & Optimization

We create a unique webdesign for your website. Distinguish yourself from the rest, be unique, creative and stand out.
Optimizing your website will keep you up-to-date and future proof.


Search Engine Advertising. Promote your products and services in search engines. Ensure more visibility and create a higher visitor rate.


Search Engine Optimization. Gear any optimization toward making the user experience better. Help search engines understand and present your content and attract more visitors.

Social Media

Social Media, a tool we can't live without. Use the right marketing strategy to grow and expand your reach. Create unique content and increase your sales by using your social media platform.
Grow with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't recognize a transaction, what can I do?

Besides our agency we are having multiple trading names registered under Darlik B.V. (LLC). If you have made a purchase on one of the webshops we are managing, the name Darlik B.V. will appear on your creditcard, PayPal or bank statement. In case you still have any doubts, please contact us.

Why am I not receiving any email notifications?

Notifications are sent to the email address you provided. If you don’t see the notification email in your inbox, please check your Junk or Spam folders. Also verify any firewall or anti-spam software you have installed is not blocking our emails. If this is not helping you may have entered a wrong or invalid email address.

Why doesn't your customer service offer phone support?

We don’t offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn’t be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone. We offer 24/7 online support via email. All customer service agents are real, friendly and experienced humans working from our company in Europe.

How long will it take to respond to my support request?

Response times may vary because of the different time zones. They are also based on the support volume we are currently experiencing. We try to respond as quickly as we can within 1-5 days, but it may take longer for more complex questions/issues that require investigation. During holidays, we are receiving a large number of incoming emails which leads to longer than usual waiting times. We thank you for your patience and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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